Get started with Konvex

The Konvex API employs a straightforward authentication method, utilizing a specific header obtained through registration on our web application. Each request is required to include the X-Secret` header, comprising the user ID and the secret key.

Acquiring Access Data:

To obtain access data, please proceed with the following steps:

  1. If you haven't registered in our application yet, please sign up for konvex
  2. Navigate to the setup side menu and access the API keys link. There, you'll find the client_id and secret_key.


Change Credentials

You can modify your secret key at any time, although it remains crucial for the proper functioning of your requests.

How to use access data?

For each request, include the X-Secret header, compose this header by combining your client_idfollowed by a colon and then your secret_key.

The header format should appear as follows:

 X-Secret: 9208471e-fpa2-4817-a7a7-b12b3d9d35e8:07bd5674f6f528f3f14da4938b51f2eofbe2ac05856a1ac3f05b5e188a97298d558d652b755083e8e7b6d17b4bd82f43

Authentication errors

If authentication issues are detected by the API, it will return a 401 status code along with the specific error encountered.